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OSZE/AGİT- Avrupa Güvenlik ve İş Birliği Teşkilatı


Cana Bilir-Meier–Benim Adım Yabancı Açılış: 03.02.2017 – 18:00-20:00: 03.02.2017 – 18:00-20:00. Sergi, 03.02.-26.02.2017 tarihleri arasında, Pınar Öğrenci yönetiminde MARSistanbul`da görülebilir. Bilgi için:,

univie: summer school for International and European Studies 2017

GO EUROPE VIA AUSTRIA! The University of Vienna Sommerhochschule (SHS) was established in 1949, since then an international summer school is offered every year. Apart from its educational mission, one of the summer program's most important aims has been restoring and promoting mutual understanding between Austrians and Americans that World War II had done so much to destroy.

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StadtschreiberIn Graz

At the invitation of the City of Graz, writers from Austria and other countries spend a limited period (1 year) as guests in Graz. The idea of ​​the traditional city-writer of the Middle Ages, who served as a memorandum in Council meetings, was taken up again and redefined. The invited writers are given the opportunity to pursue their literary activities without financial pressure and to deal with the atmosphere and the cultural scene of the city.

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VIS 2017


VIS Vienna Shorts is Austria's leading short film festival and qualifying festival for the Academy Awards® and the Austrian Film Awards. Every year at the end of May/beginning of June, the festival is all about international short films with a maximum length of 30 minutes, attracting 10.000 visitors and 600 industry representatives.


Europäisches Sprachensiegel

Wettbewerb für richtungsweisende und nachhaltige Initiativen zum Lehren und Lernen von Sprachen. Schwerpunktthema 2017: Mehrsprachige Lernräume – zur Vielfalt ermutigen, zur Teilhabe befähigen. Mehr

impuls . 10. Internationale Komponistenakademie

Founded by Beat Furrer and Ernst Kovacic impuls, the International Ensemble and Composers Academy for Contemporary Music and Association for the Communication of Contemporary Music has developed into one of the internationally leading institutions in this field within shortly. Instrumental classes and ensemble work, composition classes and special programs such as reading sessions amongst others with Klangforum Wien, Open Composers´ Pool, various calls for scores, electronic and improvisation workshops …: Every second year the impuls Academy offers young musicians and composers – from Austria, but also from all over the world – an intense training and holistic approach to contemporary music, both in a theoretical and practical way. For about 14 days impuls hereby builds an important platform for joint working, mutual learning and international exchange in Graz, Styria. An international team of renowned musicians and composers as lecturers guarantees highest quality and builds the basis for excellently educated, highly motivated and internationally interlinked young musicians and composers as competent and authentic messengers of music as a language without borders.