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Duyuru: Sergi açılısı “Eternity of Nature and Soul” Elif Koyutürk

27.04.2017, Saat 19:30 da, Avusturya Kültür Ofisinde →devamı

175 Years Vienna Philharmonics

This year the Vienna Philharmonics celebrate their 175th anniversarie. In 1842 not only the Vienna Philharmonics were founded but also the New York Philharmonics. On this occasion the Austrian Cultural Forum New York presents an unprecedented joint exhibit of archival material from throughout the venerable orchestras’ histories which is also available online. →devamı

Avusturya`daki Festivaller (D)

Die Kulturlandschaft in Österreich wird wesentlich von den verschiedenen Festivals geprägt und gestaltet. Von Film und Musik über Theater und Literatur bis zu Gesellschaftskritik und regionalen Projekten - Österreich genießt ein besonderes Facettenreichtum.

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European Language Label 2017 - Apply until May 5!

The European Language Label (ELL) is an award encouraging new initiatives in the field of teaching and learning languages, the rewarding of new techniques in language teaching, and spreading the knowledge of languages' existence, thereby promoting good practice. This years topic is: "Multilingual Schools and Classrooms: Embracing Diversity in Schools"
For more information, competition conditions & the application form: →here

International Competition of Composition - Apply until June 1!

For the 10th International Competition „Franz Schubert und die Musik der Moderne“ the University of Art Graz is looking for a composition in the category "Duet for Vocal and Piano". Task is to melodize a poem of Selma Merbaum. Duration: 3-4 minutes. 

Further information, the call for proposals & application form: →here

Wiener Festwochen: 12.5. - 18.6.2017

From May 12 to June 18, 2017 the Wiener Festwochen, a cultural Festival in Vienna, will take place. Numerous opera, theatre and dancing perfomances from all over the world will be shown during this time under this years motto "Fest". 
"The Wiener Festwochen is Vienna's fifth season. Culture everywhere! From high to sub- and counterculture: the art world is your oyster. As a festival of open arms, we want to redefine hospitality: Our artists most sincerely welcome you. All you need to do is come and join us. It will be worth it!" Tomas Zierhofer-Kin, artistic director of the Wiener Festwochen

VIS 2017: 01.06. - 06.06.2017


VIS Vienna Shorts is Austria's leading short film festival and qualifying festival for the Academy Awards® and the Austrian Film Awards. Every year at the end of May/beginning of June, the festival is all about international short films with a maximum length of 30 minutes, attracting 10.000 visitors and 600 industry representatives.