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Avusturya`daki Festivaller (D)

Die Kulturlandschaft in Österreich wird wesentlich von den verschiedenen Festivals geprägt und gestaltet. Von Film und Musik über Theater und Literatur bis zu Gesellschaftskritik und regionalen Projekten - Österreich genießt ein besonderes Facettenreichtum.

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Sergi “Eternity of Nature and Soul” Elif Koyutürk

27.04. -  05.06.2017, Avusturya Kültür Ofisinde →devamı

STATTschreiberin Wels - Apply until 31. May 2017

The organization "Freie Kulturszene Wels Pro.Viele" invite tenders for a scholarship as a writer in residence at the austrian city Wels. The scholarship is for a contemporary writer who will be in Wels from 1st of September to 30th of November 2017. 
The scholarship is for Authors who show a contemporary relevance in their work and an artistic independence and who are also interested in an exchange with the inhabitants of Wels. 
More information regarding the application here

IFK_SENIOR & RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP - Apply until 1. July 2017!

The IFK University of Art in Linz, Austria put Senior & Research Fellowships out for tender for the academic year 2018/19. 
Research Fellowships are designed to support post-doctoral scholars early in their careers. Applicants must have a Doctorate or a Ph.D. at the time of application. More information here.
Senior Fellowships are designed to support excellent scholars, who are well advanced in their academic careers. More information here.
A thematic link to the IFK’s current research focus on "Kulturen des Übersetzens / Cultures of Translation" is desired but not a prerequisite for application.

45. IKSV Istanbul Music Festival

This year’s 45th IKSV Istanbul Music Festival will take place from 29th of May to 21st of June 2017 under the motto "Unusual". The Istanbul Music Festival is one of the most established and prestigious Festivals of Classical Music in Turkey.
 The 45th Music Festival will host more than 600 national and international artists including some of the world’s leading ensembles such as Vienna Chamber Orchestra, London Chamber Orchestra and Ebene Quartet and also remarkable soloists like Hüseyin Sermet, Fazıl Say, Alina Pogostkina and Mathias Goerne.
The Festival will take place in 15 “unusual” venues, including Yeniköy, where this year’s Music Route will take place. The Austrian Cultural Forum will present Trio Immersio from Austria for two concerts on 3rd of June and 4th of June 2017.
For more information about the programme and the tickets click here.

Wiener Festwochen: 12.5. - 18.6.2017

From May 12 to June 18, 2017 the Wiener Festwochen, a cultural Festival in Vienna, will take place. Numerous opera, theatre and dancing perfomances from all over the world will be shown during this time under this years motto "Fest". 
"The Wiener Festwochen is Vienna's fifth season. Culture everywhere! From high to sub- and counterculture: the art world is your oyster. As a festival of open arms, we want to redefine hospitality: Our artists most sincerely welcome you. All you need to do is come and join us. It will be worth it!" Tomas Zierhofer-Kin, artistic director of the Wiener Festwochen

International Competition of Composition - Apply until June 1!

For the 10th International Competition „Franz Schubert und die Musik der Moderne“ the University of Art Graz is looking for a composition in the category "Duet for Vocal and Piano". Task is to melodize a poem of Selma Merbaum. Duration: 3-4 minutes. 

Further information, the call for proposals & application form: →here

VIS 2017: 01.06. - 06.06.2017


VIS Vienna Shorts is Austria's leading short film festival and qualifying festival for the Academy Awards® and the Austrian Film Awards. Every year at the end of May/beginning of June, the festival is all about international short films with a maximum length of 30 minutes, attracting 10.000 visitors and 600 industry representatives.