United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA)

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On 24th August 1979, one day after the opening of the Vienna International Centre, the United Nations Postal Administration issued its first United Nations stamps in Austrian currency. The idea of the United Nations issuing its own stamps was first proposed by Argentina in 1947. An agreement with the United States postal authorities was reached in 1951 and it stipulated that the stamps be denominated in United States currency, and used only at United Nations Headquarters.

The first United Nations stamps were issued in US dollars denominations on United Nations Day, 24 October, 1951. The stamps were an immediate success and sold out within days. Similar postal agreements were reached with Swiss and Austrian authorities. Since 1979, United Nations stamps are issued simultaneously at United Nations offices in New York, Geneva and Vienna.

The United Nations stamps provide information about the aims and activities of the world organization like peace, health and environment. The stamps are available from UNPA offices in person or by mail, and from stamp dealers . They are valid for postage when used on mail from the United Nations offices in New York, Geneva and Vienna. Usually, six new commemorative issues are released each year and remain on sale for 12 months only. After that date, any remaining stocks are destroyed. They are never reprinted, even if they are sold out before the end of the 12-month sale period.