United Nations Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS)

Office of Internal Oversight Services was established in 1994 to enhance the oversight functions within the United Nations. It is an independent office that assists the Secretary-General in fulfilling his internal oversight responsibilities. The Office submits reports to the Secretary-General that provide insight into the effective utilization of the resources of the Organization and the protection of its assets and also makes these reports available to the General Assembly. OIOS adds value by providing world-wide audit, investigation, inspection, program monitoring, evaluation and consulting services to the United Nations Secretariat and a wide range of United Nations operational funds, programs and tribunals. OIOS sees itself as an agent of change, committed to help client departments and offices bring about responsible administration of resources and a culture of accountability, transparency, results-orientation and risk awareness.

OIOS opened a new Investigation Office at the Vienna International Centre on 15 September 2003. The new location of the Organization enables it to operate in the same or similar time zones as its clients, and therefore to save travel time and gain substantial cost saving, due to the fact that approximately 90 per cent of cases investigated by the Organization are located away from United Nations Headquarters. Furthermore, the settlement in Vienna affords OIOS to achieve enhanced synergies between the work of the Investigation Division and the UNODC, especially in the field of anti-corruption and organized crime.