The second Blue Danube Ball

The Permanent Missions of Austria and Serbia thank all our glamorous guests for attending the second Blue Danube Ball!

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The second Blue Danube Ball on 9 March 2017- an evening of ballroom, traditional and disco dancing!   


  • The evening will start with a dancing class taught by George-Wilhelm and Christina – beginners welcome! Everyone can learn how to waltz!
  • Then put your new skills to the test accompanied by live music, such as the Blue Danube Waltz and other well-known Austrian as well as modern tunes.
  • Quadrille and Galopp: Find your partner and don’t lose them in this traditional group dance that keeps getting faster and faster, moderated by George-Wilhelm. For example videos click here: Quadrille and Galopp 



This an invitation only event. Personalized invitations with RSVP instructions will be sent soon.

Dress code:

Black Tie/ Elegant attire. In Vienna, men usually wear a tuxedo (dinner jacket) or a black suit with a bow tie. Ladies wear floor-length dresses.


Traditional Austrian and Serbian Food, as well as Austrian wine and plenty of other drinks will be served. Throughout the evening, enjoy delicious Serbian specialties, such as spicy Ajvar spread, Ćevapi (grilled minced meat) and traditional pastry Gibanica. At Viennese balls, hungry dancers traditionally eat Goulash, a beef stew.

Live Music and disco by Max and friends


 We look forward to dancing with you!

George-Wilhelm, Nadia, Jasmin


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