Since 1980, brass bands from all over Austria and from abroad have come to Vienna in June to participate in the big Austrian brass band festival (Blasmusikfest), and to give free concerts.  June is the month of the important bonfires of the summer season. The "Herz-Jesu-Feuer" (Sacred Heart fires) in the Tyrol are quite unique. They are set alight on the Saturday or Sunday after the feast of the Sacred Heart (which is celebrated on the second Friday after Corpus Christi). These special bonfires are connected with the dedication of the Tyrol to the Sacred Heart (of Jesus) in 1796, the year of the Napoleonic oppression.

The first Sacred Heart bonfires were lit in 1876, the eightieth jubilee of the dedication. The most important bonfires of June are the midsummer fires (“Sonnwendfeuer”) on or around June 21st, and the fires of St. John (“Johannisfeuer”) on or around June 24th. Very often the fires are lit on the following weekend (especially on Saturdays). The fires of St. Peter (the “Peterlfeuer”) burn on or around the feast of St. Peter and St. Paul, celebrated on June 29th. It should be noted that the burning often takes place on the eve of the feasts.