In later years people are often more prone to illness, which may – especially when travelling to more exotic destinations – lead to health problems that are so serious that they impact the holiday experience. Before leaving home, particularly to embark on a long distance journey, senior citizens should consult their general practitioner in order to determine whether a long distance journey by plane and/or a stay, considering the destination’s particular climate conditions, are indeed unproblematic from a medical point of view – or whether for health reasons it would be more sensible not to travel to this particular destination. In some countries there are also restrictions on carrying medicines. It is in any case recommended that you have your physician’s prescription with you. Please also consult your physician about any vaccinations that may be required.

Longer flights involve the risk of developing deep-vein or travellers’ thrombosis. Please make sure that you take the necessary precautions (ensure you take any respective medicines and prescriptions with you).

Senior citizens should also consider taking out travel insurance. Please note that certain pre-existing conditions may result in an exclusion of liability on the part of the insurance company.