Before you leave

General information

The Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs provides travel information for all countries worldwide (including travel warnings) as well as contact details for all Austrian embassies and consulates abroad. The travel information provided is intended as a service for travellers and may prove useful in the decision-making process. Please note that although this information is always based on the latest available data, risk situations may nevertheless change quickly and unexpectedly. This also holds true for legal provisions applicable in a country, such as customs, entry formalities, etc.. The Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs does thus not assume any guarantee for the completeness and accuracy of the information provided nor does it assume liability for any damage resulting from provision of this information.

Information on the country you are travelling to

Before you leave:  it is advisable to obtain information about the country you are travelling to (requirements such as valid travel documents, visa, vaccinations, etc.) and also to keep it updated during your trip.

Please note the legal information provided with travel information as well as the respective country-specific travel information. Holiday and travel information is also available from the Austrian motorists’ clubs ÖAMTC and ARBÖ. Safety and security advice is also provided by the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

Air Travel

Airline passengers should be aware of increased security measures and checks, especially when flying to the USA. Travellers are thus advised to contact their travel agency or the respective airline in order to obtain any relevant information and to ensure they arrive at the airport well in advance of their scheduled flight departure time.

It is possible to enter some countries with a passport that has expired not more than 5 years. It is nevertheless recommended that travellers contact the airline and/or check the relevant information in good time. Flights are the subject of a transportation contract governed by private law and airlines may require a valid travel document.

The European Commission prepared a Black List of airlines banned within the EU. Approximately 95 non-European airlines on this list are banned from operating in EU airspace with immediate effect.

 Passengers travelling by air or rail enjoy certain passenger rights when travelling within the EU, to Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

Import regulations – when returning to Austria

Please pay attention to the applicable import regulations when bringing goods into Austria.

Watch out for counterfeit goods! In many holiday destinations counterfeit luxury goods are available at very low prices. However, if you bring such goods to Austria they may be seized by customs authorities and you may have to face administrative penalties or even payment of damages for product piracy. The import of animals and plants, foodstuffs, drugs, pyrotechnical devices and arms is subject to restrictions. Information on the applicable provisions is provided by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance.

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