Military service

All male Austrian citizens between the ages of 17 and 51 are subject to compulsory military service. Until the age of 35 men are obliged to complete basic military service. For officers, non-commissioned officers and certain special forces, compulsory military service ends at the end of the year they complete their 65th year of age. Information on all questions relating to compulsory military service is provided by the Ergänzungsabteilungen of the Austrian Federal Armed Forces. 

The following special provisions apply to male Austrians living abroad.

Registration and obligation to report and notify

Male Austrian citizens liable to military service who move abroad for more than six months must inform the local Provincial Military Command without delay of this change of residence.  Furthermore, on reaching the age of 17 all male Austrian citizens liable to military service – i.e. also including all male Austrians abroad who have never been registered in Austria – are required to notify/report to the competent local Austrian representation authority without delay and inform the authority of their place of residence abroad. This information will then be forwarded to the Vienna Military Command.

These obligations to notify/report do not apply to men whose permanent incapacity to serve has been previously determined or when the conscript has already joined the reserve ranks. 


Male Austrian citizens liable to military service are generally required to enlist in the calendar year in which they complete their 18th year of age. Medical and psychological tests are performed in order to determine whether they are fit for military service. The requirement to enlist also applies to citizens liable to military service who decide to complete alternative civilian service.

Fitness for military service may, however, only be determined in Austria. If the conscript is abroad, he is thus subject to the obligation to notify and report but cannot fulfil the requirement to enlist. If this individual moves to Austria at some later date (change of residence), he must register within three weeks at the Military Command responsible for the jurisdiction in which his place of residence is located, which will then serve the respective enlistment papers.