Department for Austrians Abroad

The Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs (FMEIA) strives to provide assistance and advice to our fellow-nationals abroad and establish contacts with the relevant authorities. Generally speaking, the Austrian embassies and consulates-general are the first point of contact for Austrians abroad. The Department for Austrians Abroad at the FMEIA is responsible for assisting with questions relating to:

  • Citizenship affairs, matters relating to the citizenship of Austrians living abroad
  • Exercising voting rights from abroad, irrespective of whether the Austrian citizen resides abroad permanently or stays abroad only temporarily
  • Compulsory military and alternative civilian service for Austrians living abroad
  • Support in safeguarding property and assets abroad - especially in cases involving expropriation and estates - both with respect to the domestic and foreign residences of the affected Austrians
  • Support via the Fund for Austrians Abroad and transfer to medical attention and care at home for Austrians living abroad
  • Social, work and healthcare related issues abroad 

Federal Provinces

The federal provinces have also established special contact centres for Austrians living abroad.

Foreign Representations in Austria

Numerous foreign embassies and consulates are represented in Austria.

Associations of Austrians abroad

The common umbrella organisation of associations representing Austrians abroad is the Auslandsösterreicher Weltbund (AÖWB, World Federation of Austrians Abroad).



Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs
Department IV.3
Head: Wolfgang Lukas Strohmayer

Postal address:
Minoritenplatz 8, 1010 Vienna 
Office: Herrengasse 13, 2nd floor, 1010 Vienna

Phone: +43 501150-4400
Fax: +43 501159-243

Austrians Abroad