Driving licence (official licence entitling the holder to drive a vehicle)

Since 1 July 1996, Austrian driving licences – including the old driving licence on pink paper – have been valid in all EU Member States. They do not have to be converted when changing residence within the European Economic Area (EEA).

An international driving licence is required when driving in certain non-EEA countries. Applications for the issue of an international driving licence – which is only valid in combination with the national driving licence – can be filed with the Austrian automotive clubs (ARBÖ, ÖAMTC, VCÖ). The international driving license is only valid for one year.

Documents and Identification Holders of non-EU and/or non-EEA driving licences who take up residence in Austria are required to have their driving licence converted to an Austrian driving licence within six months starting from establishment of residence. A practical driving test is generally necessary. For further information about exceptions, exemptions from taking the mandatory practical driving test, required documents, forms, fees and responsible authorities, please refer to www.help.gv.at.