Residence permit / Red-White-Red Card

The Settlement and Residence Act (Niederlassungs- und Aufenthaltsgesetz, NAG) regulates the granting, denial and withdrawal of rights of residence to and from foreigners who are residing or wish to reside in Austria for more than 6 months, as well as the documentation of rights of residence under Community Law.  

Stays of up to six months follow the provisions of the EU Visa Code or the Aliens Police Act (Fremdenpolizeigesetz).  

Depending on the personal situation there are various options for a residence permit.

Residence permit

General information on residence permit (temporary limited stay), e.g.

  • Rotational employee
  • Seconded employee
  • Self-employed person
  • Artists
  • Special cases of gainful employment
  • Pupils
  • Students
  • Community service employees
  • Researcher
  • Family community

can be found on the website as well as on the migration platform.

Red-White-Red Card

With the Red-White-Red Card, Austria launched a new and flexible immigration system which enables long-term immigration for qualified professionals from third countries and their family members.

You can find important information on the Red-White-Red Card, all other requirements regarding work or establishment as well as information on living and working conditions in Austria on the migration platform of the Austrian Federal Government.