Provision of official documents from abroad

All documents from abroad generally have to be provided by the persons who require these documents either themselves or by relatives, friends, or other persons of trust.

If this is not possible, Austrian nationals and stateless persons (who have their residence in Austria) may apply for the provision of foreign civil status documents (birth, marriage, death certificates) either directly from the competent Austrian representation authority (no form necessary) or from the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs (for the required form, please see: "Downloads"). NB: The provision of documents is a service provided by the representation authority. Thus there is no legal claim to such a service.

Important information:

  • In many countries official documents may also be provided by certified local translators and/or reputable individuals recommended by the representation authorities. Please contact the competent representation authority for such contact details.
  • Experience has shown that due to special local circumstances the provision of official documents by the competent Austrian representation is not possible in some countries (Afghanistan, Australia, China (Taiwan), India (only possible to a certain extent), Morocco, Nigeria, North Cyprus, Pakistan, Venezuela).
  • In the following countries the individual who requires official documents has to apply in person or send a person of trust with a proxy: Colombia, Iran, Eritrea, Dominican Republic, Philippines and Ethiopia (no warranty is undertaken as to the completeness of this list). Please check in advance with the competent Austrian representation authority.
  • If it is not possible for the Austrian representation to provide official documents, the applicant will be informed in writing and may subsequently contact the civil status authority in whose jurisdiction his/her place of residence is registered. According to § 35 par. (2) in combination with par. (5) of the “Personenstandsgesetz“ (Civil Status Act) of 2013 (Federal Law Gazette I No. 16/2013) any civil status situation that has occurred abroad must be entered in the civil status register by the competent civil status authority.  
  • Japan: Applications for documents from Japan must be filed exclusively by the individual concerned or by a direct next-of-kin (i.e. parents, children, grandparents) with the authority that is responsible for residential law matters under family law.
  • USA: Direct, online application for documents from the USA is generally possible – see: Link to US authorities. Where this is not possible, please contact the competent Austrian representation. Canada: Applications for documents from Canada must be filed exclusively by the respective party with the Canadian embassy in Vienna.
  • Refugees within the meaning of the Convention on the Status of Refugees (“Convention refugees”) who have their domicile in Austria: Provision of documents from abroad by an Austrian representation authority is generally not possible. In cases where the required official document from the refugee’s home country cannot be provided by family members or other contact persons, it is possible to request the entry of a civil status situation in line with § 35 par. (2) in combination with par. (5) of the “Personenstandsgesetz“ (Civil Status Act) of 2013 (Federal Law Gazette I No. 16/2013) by the competent civil status authority.