6 March 2018 Press release

Foreign Minster Karin Kneissl welcomes South Tyrol Province Governor Kompatscher

Discussions focus on the question of Austrian citizenship for South Tyrol residents

Foreign Minster Karin Kneissl met with the Province Governor of South Tyrol, Arno Kompatscher, in a relaxed atmosphere today to discuss the question of Austrian citizenship for German- and Ladin-speaking residents of South Tyrol. The Foreign Minster clearly expressed her hope that this matter will not end in deadlock:

"We have to find a language that will keep us in contact!"

Karin Kneissl also once more demonstrated her conviction that the South Tyrol question must remain a trilateral issue between Vienna, Rome and Bozen.

However, the Minister also stated that the current priority is to clarify the legal issues before further progress can be made. In this regard, the Foreign Minster is looking to the interministerial working group, and she promises that Austria will not make any unilateral advances.

"At the moment, the situation is being affected by dynamic developments that could not have been foreseen by the Gruber-De Gasperi-Agreement,"

Kneissl said. The Minister made a clear pledge on South Tyrol, promising that the Austrian Federal Government will remain fully committed to South Tyrol in accordance with the governmental agreement.


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