7 March 2018 Press release

Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl meets her Liechtenstein counterpart Aurelia Frick in Vienna

On 7 March, Karin Kneissl welcomed the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Justice and Culture of the Principality of Liechtenstein to the Austrian Foreign Ministry. Liechtenstein and Austria are linked by wide-ranging cooperation characterised by its spirit of trust. Because of the geographical closeness of the two countries and the similarity of their interests when they work together in international organisations, both countries regard each other as key dialogue partners. Today's meeting focused primarily on economic matters and European policy issues.

Bilateral cooperation endeavours, such as those within joint cultural projects and within the OSCE and the UN, are to be further expanded. The ministers also discussed the United Kingdom's exit from the EU. Like the member states of the European Union, Liechtenstein as an EEA country is also directly affected by UK's departure.

Foreign Minister Kneissl gave her assurance that the Austrian Presidency of the EU will give this matter the attention it requires where the Brexit negotiations are concerned.


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