Brussels, 26 February 2018 Press release

Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl: "Ceasefire in Syria of utmost importance"

Attending the Foreign Affairs Council of the European Union on Monday, Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl voiced her unequivocal support for a ceasefire in Syria: “It is of utmost importance that a 30-day ceasefire is agreed upon that will allow us to reach the some 5.6 million people located in some 1500 villages who are in urgent need of help”, said Karin Kneissl on Monday in Brussels.

She added that the recent UN Security Council resolution had given rise to a mini dynamic.

The main backers simply have to rein in their militias

said the Foreign Minister. The situation in Syria was the focus of discussion among the EU Foreign Ministers at Monday’s Foreign Affairs Council.

The Foreign Ministers also discussed the situation in Venezuela and held a working lunch with six representatives from the League of Arab States. The EU will continue to back a two-state solution in the Middle East peace process, stated Karin Kneissl in her doorstep remarks in Brussels. “I spent many years in the region and speak both languages, Arabic and Hebrew. For this very reason, I hope that the future will be one of mutual understanding”, stressed the Foreign Minister.


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