Vienna, 15 January 2018 Press release

Cultural Year Austria-Albania 2018

Kulturjahr Österreich-Albanien 2018

With a focus on close cooperation in the fields of culture and science, over 100 events - concerts, theatre and dance performances as well as film screenings, exhibitions and journalistic projects - will take place in both countries as part of the Cultural Year Austria-Albania 2018.

In accordance with the motto ‘Rediscovering Ourselves Together’, its focus not only lies on the historical ties between Austria and Albania, but also on the current friendship between the two countries. Against a backdrop of scientific and cultural cooperation, it highlights, promotes and presents contemporary art and innovative developments by young artists and researchers from Austria and Albania.

The Cultural Year will continue to enhance and strengthen cultural ties between the two countries, and it will raise awareness of these ties among the general public in Austria and in Albania. It seeks to strengthen cultural ties between both countries and to promote intercultural exchange between them in the long term.

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