Vienna, 8 November 2017 Press release

Meeting of Estonia-Bulgaria-Austria Trio Presidency in Vienna

Meeting of Estonia-Bulgaria-Austria Trio Presidency in Vienna. 8 November 2017

Following an invitation from Secretary-General for Foreign Affairs Michael Linhart, the Estonia-Bulgaria-Austria Trio Presidency met in Vienna on 8 November. The participants not only discussed the current state of play and the preparations undertaken by each EU presidency, but also the progress achieved in the implementation of the common 18-month plan of work (Trio programme) as well as important upcoming topics.  

Points of discussion included relations with the Western Balkan states, EU expansion, European security policy, migration issues, the reform of the Common European Asylum System and initiatives in the digital single market.  

The Trio programme will act as the foundations for the programme of the Austrian EU presidency in the second half of 2018. Austria greatly appreciates the excellent cooperation between the Trio partners, as it is essential for progress in the presidency’s work.



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