Vienna, 9 November 2017 Press release

Sebastian Kurz: A shameful anniversary as prompt for vigilance

In remembrance of the 1938 November pogroms

The events that took place on the night of the 9 November 1938 are some of the most shameful in our country’s history. Today, we commemorate the victims of the 1938 November pogroms.

“The atrocities of this era gave rise to the historical responsibility we have to work tirelessly to safeguard the Jewish way of life and combat antisemitism“, said Federal Minister Sebastian Kurz on the occasion of the November pogroms that took place 79 years ago.

The 9 November 2017 marks the 79th anniversary of the November pogroms – violence initiated and organised by the Nazi regime that targeted Jews in the entire Third Reich.

Some 400 people were murdered or driven to suicide and in excess of 1400 synagogues, prayer rooms and assembly rooms as well as numerous shops, flats and Jewish cemeteries were destroyed. After 10 November 1938, approximately 30,000 Jews were imprisoned in concentration camps, where hundreds were either murdered or died as a result of being detained.

The November pogroms mark the transition from the discrimination of Jews to their systematic persecution, which culminated in the Holocaust.

The resulting awareness of our historical responsibility urges us to be vigilant and stop negative developments before they get out of hand,

said Federal Minister Sebastian Kurz.


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