Vienna, 6 September 2017 Press release

“SENSE OF MISSION. Art keeps doors open.”

On 5 September 2017, the “Auslandskulturtagung” (International Cultural Policy Meeting) was hosted by the BMEIA in Vienna.

One part of the Ambassadors‘ Conference, this year‘s “Auslandskulturtagung”, took place at ERSTE Campus on 5 September under the motto of establishing ties between Austrian culture, art and science and the rest of the world. The BMEIA’s expert meeting offers an insight into the diverse range of activities of the worldwide Austrian international cultural policy network. It also provides an opportunity for artists and scientists to come together with representatives of the Austrian Cultural Fora, embassies and Consulates General based abroad.

Austrian international cultural policy is an established and innovative part of Austrian foreign policy and presents Austria as a country open to dialogue and networking. In the past year, over 9000 artists were showcased at more than 6200 events in almost 100 countries. As such, the BMEIA is Austria’s largest organiser of cultural events abroad. These achievements are documented in the “Yearbook of Austrian International Cultural Policy”, presented at the Auslandskulturtagung.

On 6 September at the Porgy & Bess Jazz and Music Club, the Intercultural Achievement Award (#IAA) will once again be awarded to five inspirational civil-society projects that promote intercultural dialogue. The #IAA aims at identifying and awarding innovative and practical projects operating under the umbrella of intercultural dialogue. The Austrian international cultural policy network nominates the projects, which are then selected by an expert jury in Vienna. This year, the four international awards in the categories “Sustainability”, “Recent Events”, “Innovation” and “Media” go to Israel, Jordan, Moldova and Poland, with the special award for integration being given to a Salzburg-based initiative.


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