Vienna, 6 September 2017 Press release

Intercultural Achievement Awards Ceremony as part of 2017 Ambassadors’ Conference

On 6 September at the Porgy & Bess Jazz and Music Club, the Intercultural Achievement Award (#IAA) was once again awarded to five inspirational civil-society projects that promote intercultural dialogue.

The Intercultural Achievement Award aims at identifying and awarding innovative and practical projects operating under the umbrella of intercultural dialogue. The Austrian international cultural policy network nominates the projects, which are then selected by an expert jury in Vienna. This year, the four international awards in the categories Sustainability, Recent Events, Innovation and Media go to Israel, Jordan, Moldova and Poland, with the special award for integration being given to a Salzburg-based initiative.

The aim is to highlight best practice models and motivate people to become involved in intercultural dialogue and promote long-term integration.

The winner of this year’s “Sustainability Award” is the “Sources of Tolerance” summer academy. Bringing together young Moldovans from different ethnic groups and religions, it aims to break down existing prejudices through joint discussions and workshops.

The “Recent Events Award” goes to a project organised by the Jordanian “Al Hayat Center for Civil Society Development”. The initiative trains Jordanian women to become intercultural ambassadors and aims to help them lead a more self-determined life.

The “Innovation category” was won by the Israeli organisation “Jordan River Village”, which brings together Arab-Israeli, Jewish-Israeli and Palestinian families with severely ill children.

The “” media platform was honoured with the “Media Award”. Providing unbiased and easy-to-understand reporting on refugee and migration topics, it encourages media users to be critical in their consumption of material related to these topics.

This year’s special award in the category “Integration in Austria” goes to the project “chanceBuddy/FAIRbesserer”. Based on a peer-to-peer system, this project sees schoolchildren, apprentices as well as trained apprentices up to the age of 24 work to ease young refugees and migrants into their new life in their new homeland Austria.




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