Vienna, 7 September 2017 Press release

Federal Minister Kurz at the informal EU Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Tallinn

Bundesminister Kurz beim informellen Treffen der EU-Außenminister in Tallinn

On Thursday, the EU Foreign Ministers held an informal (Gymnich) meeting in Tallinn. The main topics of discussion were the current situation in North Korea, the migration crisis as well as Turkey.

 Federal Minister Sebastian Kurz once again advocated breaking off the EU accession negotiations with Turkey and welcomed the new stance adopted by his European colleagues in this respect. Ahead of the meeting, Sebastian Kurz stressed that Turkey should not receive any further pre-accession aid.

“I will do what I can to prevent over 4 million euros of pre-accession aid for Turkey being paid out.”

 With regards to migration, Federal Minister Sebastian Kurz said that Europe needs to focus on securing its external borders. He also stated that the closure of the Mediterranean route is preventing people from drowning in the Mediterranean Sea.

 “The goal is to create a European system where we, and not the smugglers, decide who can immigrate”.

 The situation in North Korea poses a threat to European security. Federal Minister Sebastian Kurz expressed his support for a joint international approach in this respect.





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