Valletta, 28 April 2017 Press release

Informal meeting of foreign ministers in Malta: Austrian Federal Minister Sebastian Kurz again takes stand against Turkey joining the EU

Außenminister Sebastian Kurz anlässlich des informellen Außenministertreffen in Malta. 28. April 2017.

Austrian Foreign Minister, Sebastian Kurz, participated in the informal meeting of EU ministers of foreign affairs (Gymnich) on 28 April 2017 in Malta which focused on the present relations between the EU and Turkey.

“Turkey’s accession to the EU is not an option for me. I think it is absolutely wrong to keep up with this fiction of an accession although Turkey is continuously moving away from Europe,”

said Sebastian Kurz in the margins of the meeting which he took as an opportunity to once again emphasise his position against Turkey’s accession to the EU and to demand the end of the current accession negotiations.

As an alternative to an EU membership Sebastian Kurz proposes a clearly defined and strong treaty with Turkey: “We should have a clearly defined relation with Turkey. In my opinion we need regulations for cooperation; a kind of treaty among neighbours, for instance, which clearly states in which fields we cooperate and how.” Federal Minister Kurz thinks that there is an urgent need to honestly and realistically reflect on the relation of the EU with Turkey.

The informal meeting of EU ministers of foreign affairs (Gymnich) is held every six months in the capital of the member state holding the Presidency of the Council of the European Union.


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