Vienna, 21 April 2017 Press release

Austrian Foreign Minister, Sebastian Kurz, intensifies economic relationship with Montenegro

“Austrian Foreign Minister, Sebastian Kurz, met with Montenegrin Minister of Foreign Affairs, Srđan Darmanović, on 20 April 2017 in Vienna. A focal point of the meeting was on strengthening bilateral economic relations.

Bundesminister Sebastian Kurz trifft den montenegrinischen Außenminister Srdjan Darmanovic. Wien, 20.04.2017.

Sebastian Kurz sees great potential for future economic cooperation with Montenegro:

Montenegro is a strong cooperative partner of Austria on a human, economic and political level. This partnership will be strengthened even further, particularly in terms of economic cooperation.

Approximately 40 Austrian companies currently operate in Montenegro; in terms of international investment, the Austrian economy occupies seventh place and thus makes a significant contribution to the country’s GDP. Foreign Minister, Sebastian Kurz, said he thinks this position has to be improved even further.

The prospects of EU accession for the Balkan states was also discussed. Srđan Darmanović confirmed his country’s EU policy and thanked Sebastian Kurz for his supporting Montenegro’s accession process:

A future within the EU is the best option for Montenegro. Austria’s commitment to Montenegro’s accession to the EU has been of great support. We will build on this support in future, too.

Foreign Minister, Sebastian Kurz, confirmed Austria’s role in facilitating and supporting the Balkan States’ process of rapprochement with the EU: We firmly support Montenegro’s prospects of joining the EU as well as that of all the other west Balkan states.

Montenegro’s rapprochement with the EU is also a core component of the bilateral action plan for future cooperation with Austria, which was concluded in December 2016. Both sides appeared to be extremely content with the progress made until now in implementing the measures that were agreed upon.“


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