Vienna, 23 January 2017 Press release

Vienna Future Talks 2017

Minister and Secretaries of State pay visit to Values and Orientation Course and meet at the Hofburg for an exchange of experiences

Vienna Future Talks 2017. Minister und Staatssekretäre zu Besuch bei Werte- und Orientierungskurs und zum Erfahrungsaustausch in der Hofburg. 23. Jänner 2017.

On 23 January the “Vienna Future Talks” were organised for the second time. Federal Minister Sebastian Kurz had invited high-ranking representatives of twelve EU Member States and international experts to discuss the sharing of information about values in refugee integration. Refugee integration continues to be a major challenge to EU Member States. At the conference, debates focused not only on sharing information about values but also on the contribution which integration can make to preventing radicalisation.

Familiarising people with values is the basis of integration

Integration Minister Sebastian Kurz emphasised at the conference. Knowing European values and the rules of coexistence is a crucial pre-requisite of successful integration. This is why Values and Orientation Courses were established and have been offered Austria-wide since early 2016. These courses have attracted enormous international interest. Many conference attendees seized the opportunity and paid a visit to such a Values and Orientation Course during their stay in Vienna. Austria plays a leading role in the context of sharing information about values in the EU and has also used the conference to introduce a focal theme of the Austrian EU Presidency in the second half of 2018.


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