Vienna, 9 January 2014 Press release

Kurz: "Strengthen partnership with South Tyrol in a united Europe"

Durnwalder's vision and commitment have made South Tyrol a success

Vienna, 9 January 2014  – Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz congratulated the newly elected Governor of South Tyrol, Arno Kompatscher, on his appointment and thanked outgoing Governor Luis Durnwalder.

"Governor Durnwalder has been at the helm of South Tyrol with great skill for nearly 25 years. He can say with pride that South Tyrol has become one of the most successful regions of Europe in terms of business and culture thanks to his commitment and his visions", Kurz said and added that he was pleased that Austria and South Tyrol are eye-level partners within the united Europe today. The Foreign Minister hopes that Luis Durnwalder will also remain close to Austria in future and contribute his experience – albeit in different form, for example in the framework of the Euroregion Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino.

The new Governor of South Tyrol, Arno Kompatscher, was the top candidate of the South Tyrolean Christian Democrats in the regional elections of 27 October 2013 and received 81,107 preferential votes – an impressive credit of trust. "The new Governor is now called upon to further expand the strengths of South Tyrol with the backing of all the population of South Tyrol. This also applies to the autonomy of South Tyrol that is to be dynamically developed and adjusted to the changing framework conditions. The Republic of Austria has always been a reliable partner of South Tyrol and this is not going to change", Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz said.

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