Vienna, 11 July 2014 Press release

Kurz calls for immediate stop to violence in the Middle East

Spiral of escalation must be stopped before it claims even more civilian victims

Vienna, 11 July 2014 – Federal Minister Sebastian Kurz once more called for an immediate stop to the violence in the Middle East. “The spiral of escalation that we have seen over the last few days is extremely threatening. Putting an immediate end to the violence is now absolutely paramount.” In this context, Kurz also referred to the meaning of the holy month of Ramadan, also regarded as the month of peace by Muslims. 

“My sympathy lies with the victims of this conflict; in particular the civilians. Everything possible has to be done to prevent more civilian victims. Even though Israel has a legitimate security interest, this must be exercised with a sense of proportion and in compliance with international humanitarian law. This also means that the Israeli missile offensive must be stopped.” Immediate measures must be taken to prevent the violence from spiralling out of control even further, and efforts to bring about a peaceful solution to the conflict in the region must be resumed. “Peace is possible”, Kurz concluded.

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