Vienna, 28 July 2014 Press release

"There is no alternative to the European model!"

Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz commenting on the outbreak of World War I

Vienna, 27 July 2014 – Remembering the outbreak of the First World War one hundred years ago on 28 July 1914, Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz commemorated the numerous victims of that war: "This first global war in history claimed an unprecedented number of victims – also among civilians. Modern weapons, trench warfare, poisonous gas and starvation cost the lives of more than 17 million soldiers and civilians. We direct our special attention to them in this commemorative year 2014." 

And he continued: "100 years after the outbreak of WWI, we commemorate the wars of the 20th century in a unified Europe. The fundamental reconciliation process in the West that was launched after the end of World War II and further consolidated by the European integration process laid the foundation for a zone of peace that is still intact and that has been joined by 28 European states over the years." Foreign Minister Kurz concluded: "It is beyond doubt: There is no alternative to the European peace model!" 

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