Vienna, 31 March 2014 Press release

Foreign Minister Kurz presents latest study about Austria as a centre of international organisations

Positive impact of Austria’s international commitment confirmed

Vienna, 31 March 2014 – Austria is increasingly positioning itself as a centre for international organisations and major conference location – a platform for international security, renewable energy, development and dialogue. The positive impact of Austria’s role as a centre for international organisations, both in terms of foreign policy and economics, has become increasingly pronounced over the years, Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz said at a press conference today. With reference to an up-to-date study by Ernst & Young presented today, Kurz pointed out the remarkable economic impact of the presence of international organisations and institutions in Austria. Figures for 2012 show an overall positive economic effect of € 503.9 million. In addition, international organisations create approximately 10,000 jobs in Austria, in particular in and around Vienna. The number of conference days of international organisations in Austria has increased by approx. 17% since 2008, with convention tourism contributing no less than € 229.3 million to Austria’s GDP according to the most recent figures – an increase of more than 20% compared to 2008. 

This year, Austria’s active commitment as a facilitator between nations and cultures has further strengthened Vienna’s role as a location for international dialogue, for instance through the E3/EU+3 talks with Iran on technological and political issues, several of which were hosted in Vienna. Ministerial conferences in the wake of Austria’s chairmanship of the Central European Initiative and the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe are scheduled for the autumn of this year. Finally, two large-scale international conferences on the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons and support of landlocked developing countries are currently in the pipeline, Foreign Minister Kurz concluded.

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