Vienna, 2 December 2013 Press release

A top official and manager: Ambassador Linhart appointed Secretary General of the Austrian Ministry of European and International Affairs

Vienna, 2 December 2013 – Ambassador Michael Linhart has been appointed Secretary General of the Austrian Foreign Ministry and is to take over the position from Ambassador Johannes Kyrle today.

Linhart was last head of the Section for Development Cooperation and International Development Policy in the Foreign Ministry. Linhart has many years of specialised management experience in development cooperation. He was the first Managing Director of the then newly established Austrian Development Agency (ADA) from 2003 to 2007. This agency for Austrian development cooperation is in charge of implementing bilateral programmes and projects and administers the budget for them.

Linhart also gained several years of experience abroad, among other locations in Ethiopia and Croatia. He was Austrian ambassador to Syria (2000-2003) and Greece (2007-2012).

As Secretary General for Foreign Affairs he will be head of the section that deals with all the central issues for the Ministry. He is the highest ranking official in the Ministry responsible for handling all its agendas in summary – in both political and organisational questions. In this capacity, the Secretary General is also a member of the Austrian National Security Council, the body that advises the Austrian government in all fundamental matters of foreign policy, security and defence. He is also head of the board of trustees of the Austrian Diplomatic Academy, the steering group responsible for monitoring the strategic alignment and content of this institution.

The 55 year old diplomat trained as a lawyer and is from Vorarlberg in western Austria. He is married and has three children.

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