Vienna, 14 February 2013 Press release

Spindelegger: Financial transactions tax promotes fairness

Strengthening competitiveness in Europe through targeted reforms

Vienna, 14 February 2013 – Vice-Chancellor and Foreign Minister Spindelegger is pleased with the draft version of a financial transactions tax: “Austria has been in favour of introducing a financial transactions tax from the very start. The Commission’s proposal has brought us one important step closer to this goal. I would like to thank in particular Maria Fekter, who has greatly helped this process with her single-minded tenacity”.

Spindelegger emphasised the necessity of taxing the financial markets. The financial transactions tax is no longer just about technical details, Spindelegger stated, but has become a question of fairness as to how distribute the burden in times of crisis. 

At the same time, Spindelegger stressed that there was no alternative to promoting a growth- and stability-orientated policy based on reforms. “Whoever thinks that Europe or Austria will be able to strengthen their competitiveness through raising taxes alone has not understood the global challenges we are faced with today.”

The Vice-Chancellor once again insisted that the budgeting plans must be adhered to. “We shall not abandon the Austrian culture of stability. We have set the way for achieving a zero deficit in 2016. Sensible economisation and correct investments are paramount in this context.”

Spindelegger once more expressed his opinion that closer economic cooperation between the US and EU harbours a great potential: “I am delighted with the fast reaction of Barroso, President of the European Commission, who has announced that negotiations should commence as early as at the end of June. Austria will be at the forefront of those trying to bring off this project”, Spindelegger concluded.

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