Vienna, 18 June 2013 Press release

Spindelegger: "Rouhani must suit the action to his word"

Vice-Chancellor on the presidential elections in Iran

Vienna, 18 June 2013 – Austrian Vice-Chancellor and Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger expressed his pleasure on the election victory of Hassan Rouhani, a politician considered to be a moderate conservative, as the new president-elect of Iran. "The clear support shown for Rouhani by Iranian voters of all age classes and social levels shows what great hopes and expectations are being placed in the person of the new president to bring an end to the economic problems and achieve an improvement in Iran’s relations with the rest of the world", Spindelegger said. 

"Rouhani also won the support of his people for the improvement in the human rights situation he referred to in his election campaign. I hope and expect that his words will be followed by deeds.  This will be the only way for him to lead Iran step-by-step out of its isolation”, Spindelegger said.  This also applies for the nuclear negotiations now in stalemate, for which Spindelegger expects that Rouhani will be able to bring new dynamism and a fresh approach.  

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