Vienna, 8 August 2013 Press release

Spindelegger: "New EU patent will trigger innovation boost for EU"

Austria is the first EU member state to ratify the international agreement on the Unified Patent Court

Vienna, 8 August 2013 – "The European Patent is a milestone for Europe as a location for science and research. The figures speak for themselves: In 2011, 224,000 patents were granted in the US, 172,000 in China, but only 62,000 in Europe. Until now, seeking approval for an EU-wide patent was a costly, laborious process that deterred many. However, thanks to the agreement reached on the patent package for unified patent protection, things are set to change. Against this background, I am proud of the fact that Austria has assumed a pioneering role with regard to the new EU patent. Two days ago, Austria, as the first member state, deposited  its ratification instrument for the International Agreement on the Unified Patent Court in Brussels"*, said Vice-Chancellor and Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger today to mark the occasion of the ratification.

The "Comprehensive EU Patent Package" consists of three parts: two regulations on the EU Patent (substantive and procedural patent protection regulation and regulation concerning the translation of patents) as well as an international agreement on the creation of a unified patent jurisdiction. The Unified Patent Court will be responsible for disputes relating to future unitary patents as well as existing ”classic” European patents, making it easier for inventors and companies to protect their patents.

The Unified Patent Court will be represented in the EU member states as the only competent patent court both on a local and regional level. Instead of having to conduct parallel procedures in several national courts, parties will now be able to quickly arrive at qualified decisions applying to all states in which the patent is valid. The agreement must now be ratified by all 27 member states.

*Corrected in March 2014

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