Vienna, 8 February 2013 Press release

Spindelegger: Acceptable result for Austria

Spindelegger: Acceptable result for Austria

 Vienna, 8 February 2013 – “For Austria, this result is not exactly a reason to be euphoric, but it is important both for Europe and for us that we have managed to reach an agreement. This is proof that the EU is capable of taking action and an important signal for the future in these challenging times”, said Vice-Chancellor and Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger on the result of the negotiations on the Multiannual Financial Framework of the European Union.  

“The total budget of 960 billion Euros reflects the necessity of careful household management also on a European level and the EU member states have recognised their responsibility with this step. It is now down to the European Parliament to also confront this budgetary framework in a responsible manner”, said Spindelegger.  

“For Austria, this result is acceptable. It shows that the clear stance we have taken from the very start, focusing on two key demands, was correct and important. Only because all parties involved presented a united front with regard to Austria’s interests were we able to preserve a part of our rebate”, the Vice-Chancellor continued, also taking the opportunity to thank State Secretary Lopatka for his work in preparing the negotiations.  

“With regard to rural development, we were able to achieve an acceptable result on the basis of clearly formulated demands. This means that the results of the negotiations are comparable with the status quo. Austria has backed the right arguments from the very start and forged alliances that would promote those arguments. This was a key step in ensuring that the allocated budget would not decrease significantly”, Spindelegger continued.  

In future, Austria will also receive a rebate of approximately 105 million Euros per year based on the so-called “British Rebate”, in addition to a payment amounting to 60 million Euros to compensate for the VAT rebate that is set to expire. 

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