Vienna/London, 18 April 2013 Press release

Central Europe to create new momentum for European idea

Vienna/London, 18 April 2013 – Today, the Austrian Embassy in London – together with the other embassies of the Regional Partnership (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary Slovenia) and the University College London – is holding a symposium on Central Europe entitled"Europe" Then and Now. "The sense of European identity and the collective experiences of the people of the Central European nations must become part of the solution to the challenges that the European project is currently faced with. Europe needs a stronger commitment to the idea that the European Union is more than just an economic alliance“, said the Austrian Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Dr. Emil Brix. The President of the Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe, former Austrian Vice-Chancellor Dr. Erhard Busek, gave the opening speech under the title "What Central Europe Contributes to the European Project". "The new impulses for the future of Europe, the fresh vigour that is needed, will come from Central Europe", Busek emphasised.

In three panels, professors and other opinion leaders from the host countries debated the topics “The Question of Europe”, “Economics and the Moral Society” and “Cultural and the Public Sphere”, focusing on the question as to what momentum Central Europe will be able to create, based on its specific experiences, to tackle the challenges Europe is faced with today. The lively involvement shown by the audience, consisting mostly of academics, students and journalists, reflects the interest that also exists within the United Kingdom in the region of the future that is Central Europe.


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