Vienna, 26 August 2013 Press release

Lopatka: “Successful interplay between economy and development policy helps raise standards of living“

Vienna, 26 August 2013 – Since 1995, 550,000 people in Uganda have been provided with drinking water and sanitary facilities thanks to the aid given by Austria. In Cape Verde, Austria provided assistance during the construction of wind power plants, generating clean energy for 425,000 people. This year’s annual conference of the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) focused on the interplay between water supply, clean energy and food security. “Austria has an outstanding level of know-how in all three areas”, said State Secretary Reinhold Lopatka.

As higher standards of living and progressive development lead to an increased demand in energy, solutions that protect resources are required in order to successfully implement the United Nations goal of „Sustainable Energy for All“, Lopatka continued. For this reason, clean and sustainable energy is not just a focal point of Austrian development cooperation, but also a key area for Austrian NGOs and businesses. “Together with Austrian businesses, we are able to strengthen the private sector in our partner countries and to support SMEs and middle-income groups, thus developing the basis of a functioning democracy“, the State Secretary continued.

In line with this policy, eleven international offices of the Austrian Development Agency have established themselves as important contact partners for Austrian businesses. “Successful economic partnerships can make an essential contribution towards sustainable development“, Lopatka stated. One example is the economic partnership with the company Sonnentor that aims at marketing high-grade coffee in Nicaragua. The plan is to sell 60 tons of organic coffee on the international market and 80 tons in Nicaragua itself by 2015.


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