Neumarkt/Salzburg, 3 May 2013 Press release

Lopatka: Austria needs to orient itself to the successful states of Europe

State Secretary Lopatka on DARUM EUROPA information tour in Salzburg

Neumarkt/Salzburg, 3 May 2013 – "We should continue to orient ourselves by the successful states of Europe, i.e. Germany, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands and Luxemburg", State Secretary Lopatka said during his visit to ISOCELL in Neumarkt am Wallersee, a company producing cellulose insulation and airtight systems. "Europe must remain competitive", Lopatka said. This includes reasonable national budgets as well as efficient growth impetus. According to the State Secretary "sustainable growth will be created where performance, know-how, diligence and innovation meet and where the appropriate framework conditions are ensured". He continued to say that the small and medium-sized companies that secure the majority of jobs in Austria are the backbone of our country's growth. "With this in mind, we need to continue to promote these small and medium-sized companies.

Only if we make good use of the potential the EU market offers us with its 502 million people, Austria and its European partners will be able to stand up to the competition of China, India or America", the State Secretary said.

The demographic situation in Europe is not easy. The population is aging and the unique European social security and health schemes – that need to be preserved – will have to face increasingly serious challenges in future. The majority of health-care related costs are caused by people in older age groups. "When life expectancy increases, the costs of maintaining the social system increase as well. Pension costs must also be added to this factor. And yet, Europe must above all offer perspectives to its young people ", Lopatka said. “Against this background it is even more important to regain our competitiveness."

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