Kühnsdorf, 17 May 2013 Press release

Lopatka: EU promotes development of rural space

State Secretary Reinhold Lopatka on DARUM EUROPA information tour in Carinthia and Tyrol

Kühnsdorf, 17 May 2013 – On his DARUM EUROPA information tour, State Secretary Reinhold Lopatka visited "Kruschitz Plastics & Recycling" in Kühnsdorf, Carinthia, today. The Kruschitz company has been specialising in advanced methods of waste recycling for more than fifty years now with a focus on PET recycling, disposal of plastic recycling waste, trade in plastics and secondary raw materials.

State Secretary Lopatka also visited the construction site of the new high-performance railway Koralmbahn in Carinthia and two projects in Southern Carinthia that receive EU subsidies: the intercommunal industry estate in Kühnsdorf and the "Had'n Centre" in Schwabegg, which is part of the EU LEADER project "Jauntaler Genusstour".

"It is important that the EU provides funds for the development of rural space. 85 million euros of EU funds are earmarked for Carinthia every year. The money is contingent on cooperation and partnership projects between public and private institutions of a region, i.e. municipalities on the one side and business operations on the other", the State Secretary said.

"Carinthia uses networking, information, exchange of knowledge and cooperation with the technical departments and subsidising authorities as stepping stones for the development of innovative projects in the regions", the State Secretary said. "The EU provides the necessary framework, while the people in the region fill the projects with life and meaning. Our provinces and regions are veritable European champions in soliciting subsidies. They benefit from our commitment and collect every available cent to improve the living conditions and increase prosperity in Austrian rural areas further." Other EU projects in Carinthia include, among others, the Karawanken Geo Park, a CO2 recycling project, and a project for the urban development of Völkermarkt.

State Secretary Reinhold Lopatka visited the Tiroler Sparkasse in Innsbruck yesterday, the second oldest savings bank in Austria. In the 1990s, the bank extended its business to Germany and Italy.

"Austria's membership in the EU and the European market are of vital importance for Austrian economy. The common currency, the euro, is an essential factor of our wealth. Compared to the dollar, the euro has always improved in value and with the euro, inflation in Austria is lower than with the former Austrian currency, the Schilling. The inflation rate of the euro dropped from 2.3 percent in March to 1.9 percent in April. This is the lowest rate since November 2010", the State Secretary said. "Numerous jobs in Austria have only been made possible through the common currency and cross-border business relations", State Secretary Reinhold Lopatka underlined at his visit to Innsbruck. 

The DARUM EUROPA information tour will continue until the end of June 2013 and will take State Secretary Lopatka to companies in all nine Austrian provinces.

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