Vienna, 21 February 2013 Press release

Lopatka: Export the successful formula for dual training of apprentices to Europe

State Secretary Lopatka meets French EU Minister Bernard Cazeneuve to discuss current issues of European politics

Vienna, 21 February 2013 – “One desire shared by Austria and France is the strategic cooperation in the Alpine region, which in future we would like to strengthen within the framework of the EU. There are a lot of areas in which the Alps would benefit from intensified and structured cooperation, in particular transport, environmental protection and tourism. Regional cooperation in the Alps has worked exceedingly well for many years, with a lot of players being committed to the common cause. However, we would like to see the Alpine region move to the forefront of European regional politics, thus helping to promote it even further”, emphasised State Secretary Reinhold Lopatka during his meeting with French EU Minister Bernard Cazeneuve in Vienna. 

In addition to EU-specific topics, the meeting also touched upon international questions such as the situations in Mali and Syria. In this context, State Secretary Lopatka also highlighted the aid package for Mali that Austria had prepared: “I am proud that Austria will dispatch a medical contingent comprising 9 persons as part of the EU Training Mission to Mali. In addition, we also want to make a financial contribution by providing a further 1.35 million Euros for humanitarian measures in Mali.”  

“Our meeting today also touched upon concrete projects to intensify bilateral relations between Austria and France. Unemployment rates in France are twice as high as in Austria, and France is greatly interested in the successful Austrian model of social partnership and dual apprenticeships – our formula for what are currently the lowest unemployment rates in Europe. We’d be happy to pass on this formula to others”, Lopatka concluded.  

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