Stallhofen, 18 April 2013 Press release

Lopatka: "The EU is an essential guarantor of legal security"

State Secretary Lopatka visits Stallhofen on his DARUM EUROPA information tour

Stallhofen, 18 April 2013 – "The DARUM EUROPA information tour has taken me to 'SFL technologies' in Styria today", Lopatka said on his visit of the company for steel, façade, metal and plant construction and engineering in Stallhofen. "With its workforce of 800 people, SFL is a particularly successful company; in addition to its headquarters in Styria, the company also operates subsidiaries in Hungary and Romania. The enlarged European market and the common currency in the euro zone ensure better export opportunities for SFL and many other Austrian companies, and consequently also ensure numerous jobs in Austria", the State Secretary said.

"The same way Austria profits from the common market, we also profit from the common currency. Returning to the former Austrian currency, the Schilling, would have disastrous effects. The Schilling would be subjected to significant currency speculations and the export performance of Austrian companies would decline dramatically. Austria earns 6 out of every 10 euros from exports. 70% of our exports go to other EU countries. We have profited enormously from the high currency stability of the euro", Lopatka said.

"However, not only businesses profit from the EU, each individual citizen does so, too! One of the most powerful politicians in the EU is Joaquin Almunia, the Commissioner for Competition. His decisions have an impact on each and every consumer in the Union. The European Commission has, for example, imposed a fine of 860 million euros for a computer operating system that had for years been sold at excessive prices. No European country could win out over international groups by itself – this is only possible within the context of the EU", State Secretary Lopatka said. "The EU is therefore also an important guarantor of legal security, protecting the interests of consumers”, the State Secretary explained.

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