Vienna, 5 March 2013 Press release

Lopatka: “ADA has over 110 million euros funding for operative development cooperation work in 2013”

Three year programme for development cooperation approved

Vienna, 5 March 2013 – “Around 110 million euros operative funds are available to ADA for development cooperation work in 2013”, Reinhold Lopatka, State Secretary in the Austrian Foreign Ministry reported at the Parliamentary Committee For Development Cooperation today.

“In addition to the own Austrian Development Agency (ADA) funds there are also external funding sums from the European Commission, which have been made available to ADA for the implementation of projects.” Moreover, ADA will also receive a further 7.5 million euros for climate projects from the Austrian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management in 2013. This is an increase compared with 2012 when ADA spending amounted to 87 million euros.

“The ADA experts do outstanding work and apply their know-how in a remarkable manner. The Austrian agency has also been commissioned by the EU to implement a water project in Uganda for 30 million euros”. Lopatka stressed the great importance of European development work and the role played in it by Austria. “Austria’s contribution to the joint development cooperation services in 2011 was 226 million euros.”

The current three-year programme is the basis for development cooperation and results from a comprehensive consultation process, which also involved non-governmental organisations in addition to the numerous official actors such as government departments and social partners. The Austrian Parliament’s spokespeople for development policy were also involved in these deliberations for the first time. “The result is a clearer profile of Austrian development cooperation, reflecting Austrian strengths as these are coordinated to the needs of our partners”, Lopatka said in summary.

Austria has also been closely involved in the preparation work for the Agenda for Change – the newly aligned EU development policy to be launched from 2014 onwards – and supports its content alignment. The focus in the policy has been shifted to broadly effective and sustainable growth as the basis for a permanent reduction of poverty, while fundamental development policy issues such as human rights, democracy and the rule of law have all been retained. “These focuses are also in line with the priorities which Austria has set in the country’s development cooperation efforts”, Lopatka said.

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