Brussels, 24 July 2012 Press release

Waldner: Further intensive work on Europe in the next six months under Cypriot EU Presidency

State Secretary Dr. Wolfgang Waldner at the General Affairs Council in Brussels

Brussels, 24 July 2012 – Apart from the EU budget framework for 2014 - 2020, the main topics of the EU Council of Ministers for General Affairs include the implementation of the decisions of the June summit and the EU programme for the next six months under Cypriot Presidency.

“Austria welcomes the decisions of the European Council in late June, which aim at stimulating European economy and employment with the corresponding measures. At the same time, we must ensure that the Member States continue to further consolidate their budgets, and that growth-promoting measures are not paid with new debts”, said State Secretary Waldner.

“We shall support the Cypriot EU Presidency so that the proposals made in June enter the implementation phase quickly. In particular the consolidation of the economic and monetary union is an essential project for resolutely demonstrating to the financial markets that Europe is capable of acting and that the Euro and the Eurozone will stabilize”, Waldner continued.

The programme of the Cypriot EU Presidency is concentrating on the current economic and financial challenges, and shall work toward a more efficient and sustainable Europe. In addition, efforts will continue toward a more citizen-friendly and solidary Europe with social cohesion, and to enhance Europe’s role in the world. “Even in times of economic crisis, it is particularly important for Austria that Europe remains a reliable partner for the European perspective of its neighbours in South-Eastern Europe. Therefore, we called upon the Cypriot Presidency to ensure that the EU enlargement toward the Balkan states remains a priority objective of EU policy” State Secretary Waldner concluded.

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