Berlin, 30 January 2012 Press release

Prize for Journalism and Publishing of the Keynes Society awarded at the Austrian Embassy in Berlin

Governor of the Austrian National Bank, Prof. Dr. Ewald Nowotny, on “Current Issues of European Monetary Policy”

Berlin, 30 January 2012 - Two journalists have been awarded this year’s Keynes Society Publishing and Journalism Prize. Robert von Heusinger and Mark Schieritz received the one thousand euros award of the German-speaking Keynes Society at a ceremony in the Austrian Embassy in Berlin on Monday, 30 January. The Governor of the Austrian National Bank, Prof. Dr. Ewald Nowotny gave a keynote address on “Current Issues of European Monetary Policy” at the ceremony. In his capacity of Governor of the Austrian National bank and member of the European Central Bank ECB, Prof. Nowotny is a highly experienced representative of the practical side of monetary policy and is known as a bridge builder to the field of economic theory. The event of the Keynes Society was organised in cooperation with Austria’s Embassy in Berlin and the EU news portal as the media partner.

The Keynes Society is an association of economists and academics who have set themselves the goal of promoting the discussion and dissemination of the ideas of John Maynard Keynes and the theories based on the economic concepts he developed. The Keynes Society awards this new prize to journalists who are able to provide well-founded and informative economic and political media coverage.

Laureate Richard von Heusinger is currently editor-in-chief and head of the business section of DuMont-Redaktionsgemeinschaft. He worked previously for the German Börsenzeitung, DIE ZEIT and Frankfurter Rundschau. Von Heusinger has made serious reference to Keynes’ fundamental understanding of the importance of aggregate demand in numerous articles.

After many years with the Financial Times Germany, Mark Schieritz was appointed head of office and financial correspondent of DIE ZEIT in 2008. He is a guest lecturer at the University of Technology and Business in Berlin.

Austrian Embassy Berlin