Vienna, 21 November 2012 Press release

State Secretary Lopatka embarks on EU information tour “Darum Europa”

Facts and perspectives instead of fear-mongering and easy solutions

Vienna, 21 November 2012 - “At the moment, we are confronted with EU-specific topics on a daily basis: the Euro crisis and the aid and rescue package for Greece are at the very top of the political agenda. Citizens have plenty of questions and anxieties with regards to these issues – justifiably so. Misunderstandings keep occurring, wrong claims are being circulated. The scepticism and anxieties on the part of the citizens tempt them to draw misguided conclusions, for instance a return to the Schilling and exit from the euro zone”, said State Secretary Lopatka yesterday during the launch of the “Darum Europa” tour, organised by the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs.

“It is my concern to counter misguided claims and fear-mongering with facts and realistic perspectives”, Lopatka emphasised. “The figures clearly show that Austria benefits from its membership in the EU: Austria earns 6 out of every 10 euros from exports to other EU nations”, Lopatka continued. “Since our accession to the EU in 1995, an additional 13,000 jobs have been created every year. Leaving the EU would cost more than 100,000 jobs.”

Today, the State Secretary is set to start his EU tour at the Kapsch company in Vienna. In the course of the coming months, the State Secretary will introduce himself as the contact person for all questions relating to the EU in companies in all the federal provinces, providing information and initiating an open dialogue on Austria’s position within the EU. The events are intended to provide employees with the opportunity of asking questions on and openly discussing issues related to the EU.

The next four stops of the tour will be as follows:

1)    10  December 2012: Neudoerfler in Neudörfl, Burgenland
2)    13  December 2012 (morning): Mondi in Frantschach, Carinthia
3)    13  December (afternoon): Mondi in Zeltweg, Styria
4)    17  December: BIT in Graz, Styria

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