Vienna, 12 October 2012 Press release

Spindelegger on the Nobel Peace Prize: “Distinction for the EU is a signpost to peace, security and prosperity

Prize counters naysayers in the EU

Vienna, 12 October 2012 – “By awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union, the Nobel Committee honours the historic feat of overcoming conflicts and animosities and appreciates the integration of the continent”, Vice-Chancellor and Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger said commenting on the award of this year’s Nobel Peace Price to the European Union.  

“In times when there is only talk about crises when referring to the EU, it is important to call this outstanding achievement to mind. The Prize is therefore an unmistakable riposte for those indulging in self-doubt and for the naysayers in the EU. While the world admires our achievements, we all too often dwell on self-doubt and anxiety about the future instead of looking ahead with healthy self-confidence. There are more than enough things to be proud of in Europe“, the Vice-Chancellor said. 

Great achievements have been made over the past sixty years: Generations have worked towards common and sustainable peace, security, the rule of law and solidarity in Europe. The member states of the European Union decided of their own free will to share sovereignty rights and to link their interests and fates with each other. This has led to the dismantling of borders; markets have been opened; common standards and regulations have been agreed in many sectors; a single currency has been created, and European citizens enjoy freedoms that are unique in the world as well as unprecedented prosperity. Moreover the Union will soon have 28 members. The Union has become a strong international force and a reliable partner to the world. 

“These achievements have proven to be a strong common basis in times of crises and have laid a solid foundation for the future of Europe. Europe intends to continue down this path with resolve”, Spindelegger concluded. 

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