Vienna, 7 December 2012 Press release

Spindelegger on North Korea: "Announcement of rocket launch is an intolerable provocation"

Foreign Minister urges North Korea to comply with international obligations

Vienna, 7 December 2012 – “Any attempted rocket launch by North Korea would be a serious violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1874. I urgently call upon North Korea to refrain from launching a missile and to comply with the obligations under the UN Security Council resolutions", Vice-Chancellor and Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger said expressing his deep concern about North Korea's announcement to make a fresh attempt to put a satellite into orbit in December after a failed effort in April.

Spindelegger continued: "North Korea's path forward into a safe and prosperous future can only be one of temperance and cooperation. Provocations of this kind will only lead to more isolation and have a negative impact on stability in Asia. North Korea’s attempt to put the patience of the international community of states to the test is unacceptable. Ease of security political tension on the Korean Peninsula is in the interest of both the north and the south of the country."

On 13 April 2012, an attempt of North Korea to put a satellite into orbit failed. The missile test in April was heavily condemned by the international community of states. According to UN Security Council resolutions, North Korea must not use any ballistic missile technology, not even for the purpose of civilian space travel, as such technology could also be used to launch nuclear missiles. The announcement to repeat the attempt between 10 and 22 December has put the states in the region on red alert.

Austria pulls its weight to make North Korea join the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. And the international community demands from North Korea to allow IAEA inspectors to enter the country for the first time since 2009 to inspect its nuclear programme.

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