Vienna, 18 December 2012 Press release

Government adopts new three-year programme of development policy

Vienna, 18 December 2012 – The Ministerial Council today adopted the three-year programme of Austrian development cooperation for the period 2013 - 2015. "With this programme, we are presenting an all-encompassing strategy of the Federal Government for our commitment to development policy. I am pleased about this outcome of our work", Vice-Chancellor and Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger said. "We have put Austria's contribution to international development on a sound footing."

"Development policy involves the entire Federal Government. Hence, the new three-year programme is the outcome of a comprehensive process of consultations, not only with other Ministries but also with partners outside the government, such as NGOs, social partners, representatives from economy and science", Spindelegger said and thanked all partners for their pro-active contribution to the process. The programme is, for the first time, preceded by a mission statement for all actors involved in development cooperation. Spindelegger also emphasised the important role that State Secretary Reinhold Lopatka has been playing in the development cooperation agenda: He chaired the Development Policy jour fixe at the Foreign Ministry himself and sought talks with all actors.

Austria brings to bear its particular expertise in the areas of water, energy, food security, matters of human safety, human rights and rule of law. "We aim to pool the strengths and interests of Austria – our business know-how, our experience in public administration and the potential of civil society for local development", Spindelegger said. The commitment is at all times oriented along the priorities of the partner countries and the needs of the people.

With the new three-year programme, Austria is focusing its concentration on the priority countries of Austrian development cooperation, in particular the least developed African partner countries and the Black Sea Region with Georgia and Armenia. In January 2013, a coordination office will be opened in Tblisi/Georgia.

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