Vienna, 26 January 2012 Press release

Impressive proof of Austria’s role in international cultural relations

Vienna, 26 January 2012 – Austria took over the chair of nine out of 71 “clusters” of the network of European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) at the beginning of the year. The clusters represent the group of European institutes for culture in a particular city. Austria is currently holding the chair of, among others, the clusters in Brussels, New York, Beijing, Washington and Warsaw.

“The tasks Austria is entrusted with in this network are a testimony to our European partners’ acknowledgment and appreciation of our international cultural policy. The EUNIC is playing an increasingly important role in presenting the creations of European culture beyond the borders of Europe”, Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister Spindelegger said. Austria is also represented in the Strategy Group of EUNIC that proposes priorities and recommendations to increase the network’s efficiency.

Earlier this year, EUNIC established a non-profit association in Brussels and thus brought its international cooperation to the next level. While the EUNIC network was organised on a largely informal basis in the past, the newly founded association is providing it with solid structures that allow for an active role in international cultural relations and the external relations of the European Union. The structures are also expected to ensure efficient external representation. Thanks to the strong roots of its member institutes in the local civil societies, EUNIC has established itself as a central player in the communication of essential European values beyond the realm of culture and the arts.

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