Manila, 11 December 2012 Press release

Re-opening of the Austrian Honorary Consulate in Cebu, Philippines

Manila, December 10, 2012. The Austrian Ambassador in Manila, Wilhelm M. Donko opened, together with the new head, Julie Alegrado Vergara the Austrian Honorary Consulate in Cebu. The Honorary Consulate had been closed since December 31, 2011 after the former head of office retired. 

Cebu is the second most important city of the archipelago made up of more than 7000 islands and is named after the Spanish Hapsburg King Philipp II. The Consulate is responsible for the Visayas and the other two big islands, Mindanao and Palawan. The Philippine Immigration authorities register annually the income of approximately 12 thousand Austrian citizens; many of the tourists also visit the Visayas aside from Metro Manila. 

The opening ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Cebu, Michael L. Rama. Also in attendance were members of the Consular Corps in Cebu and Austrian expats in the Visayas region. 

Austrian Embassy Manila