Vienna/Neudörfl, 10 December 2012 Press release

Lopatka: Nobel Peace Prize is also a call to develop the European Union further

State Secretary Lopatka on EU information tour “Darum Europa” in Burgenland, visiting the Neudoerfler company

Vienna/Neudörfl, 10 December 2012 – In the course of the EU information tour “Darum Europa” organised by the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, State Secretary Dr. Reinhold Lopatka visited the Neudoerfler company in Burgenland today to discuss questions relating to the EU with the company's staff.

“Today, the Nobel Peace Prize is being awarded to the European Union. This is a high distinction, but one that also includes a mandate for the future”, State Secretary Lopatka said at the event. “All it takes to understand the history of Europe is a visit to a graveyard. Our parents' and grandparents' generations were only too familiar with the concept of war. Today we live in a zone of peace and prosperity. This is an achievement of the European Union”, Lopatka said.

Currently we encounter the European Union daily, mostly in negative headlines: financial crisis, help for Greece, euro rescue fund – items on the very top of the agenda. “Citizens have plenty of questions and anxieties with regard to these issues – justifiably so”, Lopatka said. “Misunderstandings keep occurring, wrong claims are being circulated.” On his information tour, which will last until summer 2013 and take him to all federal provinces, State Secretary Lopatka will discuss questions relating to the EU in Austrian companies and provide information about the benefits of the EU. “Austria earns 6 out of every 10 euros from exports. 70% of our exports go to other EU nations. Since our accession to the EU, an additional 13,000 jobs have been created every year. We have been profiting a lot from our EU membership”, the State Secretary said.

“However, we must be honest with ourselves: Europe is engaged in tough competition with the global power of the USA and emerging states such as China, India or Brazil. With its 8.46 million inhabitants, Austria will only be able to compete on the international scene as part of the Union. Only united we are strong”, Lopatka said in Neudörfl.

The next stop of the information tour will be the Mondi company on 13 December: In the morning, State Secretary Lopatka will visit the facility in Frantschach followed by a visit to the Zeltweg plant in the afternoon.

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