Vienna, 12 October 2012 Press release

Lopatka: Nobel Peace Prize is distinction and motivation for Europe

European Union receives Nobel Peace Prize

Vienna, 12 October 2012 – “The European Union has received the Nobel Peace Prize. This is the highest honour that Europe could wish for“, Austrian State Secretary Lopatka said on the award announced by the Nobel Committee of the Norwegian Parliament today.

“We have succeeded in creating a zone of prosperity and peace in Europe, a zone that is unique on the international scene and therefore we as Europeans can be proud to have overcome war and conflict within the EU. This is no mean achievement”, State Secretary Lopatka said.

“The Nobel Peace Prize for the EU is an important message above all to those European citizens who have been confronted with a Europe of the crisis over the past few years”, the State Secretary said. “I view the Prize also as an appreciation of the work done at the European level to overcome this economic and financial crisis and in supporting each other with the solidarity displayed. This is unique in the world! The Prize is also to be seen as motivation for European politicians and citizens to approach and to further the project of Europe with verve and dynamism. I, personally, would like to contribute my share and act as the contact point for Austrian citizens in European matters. I will be seeking contact and dialogue in the next few months. What we lack in Austria is factual information about EU issues; we have yielded too much floor to populist critics. A positive uplift is now to begin for Europe!”

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